Founder & President

Gani Stambekov

Originally from Almaty, Kazakhstan, Mr. Stambekov is a Kazakh student in USA turned-political & human rights activist who founded Free Kazakhs in March 2019; he also serves as the Director of Central Asian Department for the East Turkistan National Awakening Movement.

Eurasian National University – Law B.A., 2012 Astana city, Kazakhstan
currently studying in the USA.

Languages: Kazakh, English, Russian

Director of Communication

Abzal Lesbekov

Abzal Lesbekov is a Kazakh American activist, entrepreneur and philanthropist. Mr. Lesbekov has organized a first protest of Kazakh people against of Nazarbayev dictatorship regime in New York City in 2016. “Kazakhstan over land reform protest” when the dictator proposed to sell Kazakh land to foreigners especially to Chinese communist party representatives and Chinese businessmen but Kazakh people found a new law reform as a threat to National Security. Mr. Lesbekov played one of a key role to found the movement and organizing a lot of democratic events such as protest against Chinese communist party and its expansion in Kazakhstan, protest against of Russian aggression in Kazakhstan and financially supporting democratic non violent movement in Kazakhstan.

Director of HR Department

Bakyt Baibolov

Bakyt Baibolov one of the leader of Free Kazakhs organization. Mr.Baibolov was playing an active role to found the organization. Mr.Baibolov is a human rights activist, he strongly opposes to the aggression of Russian federation and its the treat to sovereignty and Independence of Kazakhstan. Mr.Baibolov was actively involving in the projects such as protests to shut down Russian military basis and polygons in Kazakhstan. Stopping usage of dangerous chemicals like heptyl on Russian rockets which launch from Baikonur cosmodrome in Kazakhstan directly contaminating Kazakh land and ecology which leads to growing number of cancer among local Kazakh people.